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Results of the Vote

SCRA Members,
I am writing to share the results of the SCRA By-Law Vote and to thank those that participated in the vote.   Member input is important for helping to set policy and direction for SCRA.  In the current vote to consider targeted changes to our by-laws, 246 members participated, representing  just under 20% of our membership.  Each proposal passed with at least 89% of member voting to make the proposed changes.
Motion 1: Allow Treasurer to Serve Two Consecutive Terms if Re-elected - 95% Yes
Motion 2: Eliminate Responsibility for Treasurer to Chair the Membership Committee - 96% Yes
Motion 3: Allow Election of Treasurer with One Candidate if Only One Qualified Nominee Is Identified from an Open Nomination Process - Yes 89%
Motion 4: Allow Representative to APA Council to Serve Two Consecutive Terms if Re-elected - 95%
Thank you again for your input. 
Bret Kloos
President of the Society for Community Research & Action
Division 27 of the American Psychological Association


Proposal to Change SCRA By-Laws related to the Treasurer Position and Representative to APA Council


 October 23, 2014

Dear SCRA Member,

The SCRA Executive Committee is recommending targeted changes to our bylaws and I am writing to urge you to participate in the vote scheduled for November 3 – November 21.  You will be sent an email on November 3, 2014 from with a unique link to the ballot. The proposed changes to the bylaws were developed by the SCRA Finance Committee and approved to be put before SCRA Membership by the SCRA Executive Committee during our October 7, 2014 meeting.

There are four proposed changes to the bylaws: three about the Treasurer position and one about the SCRA representative to APA Council.  Details about each proposed change can be found here. Any change in SCRA bylaws requires majority approval of those who vote by email.    

I want to thank the members of the SCRA Finance Committee for reviewing the current financial needs of SCRA and the role of the SCRA Treasurer. The Finance Committee includes eight SCRA members. Three are selected for their expertise in non-profit operations, management of large organizations, and investments:  Chris Corbett, Judith Meyers, and Bill Neigher. The committee also includes the SCRA Administrative Director, Victoria Scott, the SCRA elected Treasurer, Jim Emshoff, and the three elected SCRA Presidential Officers: Fabricio Balcazar, Bret Kloos, and John Moritsugu.

Background on Treasurer bylaw change proposals

Since the SCRA Bylaws were first written, the financial situation of the Society has changed dramatically.  With a new AJCP publishing contract with Springer Publishing, we have greatly expanded our operating budget.  Our budget supports a variety of activities such as development of SCRA technology infrastructure (e.g., website, phone contracts), expansion of Society initiatives (e.g., Practice Council and Policy Committee mini-grant programs, support to interest groups), and contracts for consulting work (e.g., Administrative Director, Social Media Consultant, AMC Source for administrative management).  In addition to overseeing and tracking financial aspects of these endeavors, the Treasurer also provides oversight to our investments. 

These developments have been very positive for SCRA, but they also place much greater demands on the SCRA Treasurer than were envisioned in the 1994 bylaw revision.  With these expanded operations, the Treasurer position has become even more critical to the functioning and fiscal viability of SCRA.  As such, we need to be intentional about identifying qualified Treasurer Nominees who have the skills and availability to meet these demands.

In August and September 2014, the SCRA Finance Committee reviewed the responsibilities of the Treasurer position as outlined in the SCRA Policies and Procedures manual and the SCRA bylaws and the demands of the Office given our new fiscal realities. Based upon these discussions, we are proposing three targeted changes to our bylaws in regards to

(a) allowing a Treasurer to serve consecutive terms if re-elected,

(b) reducing one responsibility mandated of the Treasurer (i.e., chairing the membership committee), and

(c) allowing for the inclusion of only one Treasurer candidate on the ballot, if only one person is identified to be qualified from an open nomination process among SCRA membership. 

This third motion (c) is proposed to allow for an emergency exception to the bylaw requirements that at least two nominees stand for each elected office.  This revision would only apply to the Treasurer position and only after a process of nominations for SCRA membership can identify only one qualified nominee.  Nominations for Treasurer will be solicited by an open call for membership.  We expect that every effort would be made to identify at least two qualified nominees with experience and skills necessary for the job; the bylaws will continue to articulate this expectation.  Nominations will be screened by the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee. 

Background on Representative to APA Council bylaw change proposal

APA Council is very large and multi-layered.  Our Council representation may benefit from a longer period of time in which to navigate the organization and build good working relationships with other members of APA Council.  Our outgoing APA Representative, Irma Serrano Garcia, supports this motion as do the other members of the Executive Committee with APA Council experience. Thus, the fourth proposed bylaw change would allow for the SCRA Representative to the APA Council to serve a second consecutive term, if re-elected.

Process for the Bylaws Vote

Every active SCRA member as of October 20, 2014 will be contacted via the email address listed in our records.  The email vote will be clearly marked in the subject line as SCRA BYLAWS VOTE and sent from this address:  The link for voting will be unique for each person and allow an anonymous vote.  Members will be asked to make four separate votes, one for each motion.  Each motion is presented here, with the original bylaw, the proposed change, and a brief presentation of a rationale for the change.  Voting will open on Monday, November 3 and close on Friday, November 21 at 11:59pm EST.  The EC wanted to provide a sufficient period of time for people to receive this letter and make a considered decision about these proposed changes. Members are encouraged to use the comment box below to share their thoughts about the proposed bylaw changes.

Thank you for your consideration of the issues and participation in the decision of how we can best sustain our organization.  



Bret Kloos

SCRA President

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