Community Psychology Videos

Videos are a great way to show what community psychology is, and to share with each other the work we are doing in our communities around the world. A selection of publicly available videos addressing topics related to community psychology are listed here. Just click on the title to find the video. 

Many of the videos featured here were submitted to the annual SCRA video contest. Videos can be submitted to the contest by posting the video to YouTube or Vimeo, then filling out an application and emailing it to Access the video contest application and flyer via the links on the left below. The contest deadline is December 1, 2015. There are cash prizes for the winners!

For more information download the documents below. If you have questions please email

Here are few steps video creators can take to increase video views.

Under the Basic Information Tab:
1. Title.

2a. Description: Make sure the "video focus/topic/problem addressed" as listed on the video contest application is consistent with what is posted with the video on YouTube.

2b. Description another recommendation: Add links (to your webpage and/or your department?). Links help increase traffic.

3. Add the "search terms" or "keywords" to the YouTube post that you listed on your application in the TAGS area on YouTube.

4. Make sure it is a public video.

5. Choose a listing category, examples include education; nonprofits & activism; film & animation; how to; news & politics; science & technology.

Under the Advanced Settings Tab:

1. Allow comments: "Approved" or "All" based on your judgment.

2. Yes, allow users to vote.

3. Yes, allow users to view ratings.

4. License: Double-check your own preferences for YouTube or Creative Commons license.

5. Location: Make sure to add this.

6. Date: Make sure to add this.

7. Yes, allow video stats to be visible.

Closed captioning tab:

1. Try the 'transcribe and sync' or 'upload a file' to insure access to your video by hearing impaired persons.

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2013 SCRA Video Contest

The following videos were submitted to the 2013 SCRA video contest and show community psychology in action all around the world.

Making It Sane: The Story of a Nonprofit Operated by People with Mental Health Problems

This documentary chronicles the lives of four people with mental health problems, their recovery journeys, and their collaborative operation of a nonprofit called the P.S. Club. 

Planting Healthy Roots: A Look at the Right Choice Fresh Start Farmer's Market

Filming was completed in Orangeburg, a rural, majority minority county in South Carolina. Filming was conducted at the farmers’ market, which is located at Family Health Centers, Inc., as well as at the farms of participating market vendors.

Demand a Respectful Campaign

This video is part of an initiative of the Puerto Rico Psychology Association to impact the electoral process during the election campaign of 2012.

Live Oak Stories: The Making of a Mural

Students in the Change 4 Good after-school yPAR program document their mural making process, as part of a yPAR project.

Psychology for a Better World

Using psychology to inspire positive social change. Talk by Niki Harre – includes animations.

Working Together: Collaboration of Eight Community-Based Arts-Informed Research Projects on Homelessness

Collaboration of diverse stakeholders working toward social change; collaboration of eight community-based, arts-informed research projects on homelessness.

Promoting Social  Change Through Research: The DePaul-Oxford House Collaboration

The Oxford House Organization: Recovery from alcohol/substance use disorders.

Mobile Voice Project

The video provides an overview of the Mobile Voice Project (MVP) and the problem of transportation inequality that MVP seeks to affect.


This video tells the story of urban youth engaging in participatory action research, in partnership with their teachers, to improve teaching and learning at a low-achieving public high school in San Francisco. 

Sort it Out

Sort It Out was made to inform the Western Springs College community about the launch of a new waste management system in the school grounds.

What Housing Means to Me: The Voices of People Living With Mental Illness

People living with mental illness who have experienced homelessness.

Western Springs College Sustainability Showreel 2009

This video was made in the context of a sustainability-themed action research project involving a research team from the School of Psychology at The University of Auckland and a local high school called Western Springs College (WSC). It was made to showcase some initiatives that were part of a wider campaign to improve the school’s waste management systems.

Gumby the Fairy and His Merry Band of Eco-Pixies in the Quest for Sustainability

Gumby the Fairy and his Merry Band of Eco-Pixies, who live in Western Springs park, become very distressed when rubbish floats their way from Western Springs College. They enthusiastically tackle the problem by doing a waste audit and building waste stations. Then make a documentary to spread the word! But fairy power is not all it's cracked up to be. They need some serious help.

2012 Video Contest

Better Beginnings, Better Futures

The video focuses on Better Beginnings, Better Futures, a universal, comprehensive, community-based prevention/ promotion program for young children and their families living in disadvantaged communities in Ontario, Canada.

ArtVOICE With Homeless Children

Ten homeless children living in the Richland One School district of South Carolina were given an opportunity to voice their strengths and needs to inform policy makers and stakeholders in the local community.

The Competencies of a Community Psychologist

Video produced in 2009 by students of community psychology (Prof. Alessio Vieno) at the University of Padua.

"My Disability Symbol" Project

Creating a coalition of disability activists through collective art. 

Digital Storytelling:Tanslating the Photovoice Method into a 21st Century Empowerment Tool

The purpose of this video is to illustrate the photovoice method and the impact of digital storytelling to bring about social change.  This video documents a partnership between UNC-Charlotte and ParentVOICE, a family support and advocacy agency, to implement the photovoice method among youth in Charlotte, N.C. 

Where Psychology Meets Culture

Intersection of psychology and culture.

Videos From the 2013 SCRA Biennial Conference