Leadership Development Fellows Program

SCRA Leadership Development Fellows Program

The SCRA Leadership Development Fellows (LDF) Program is designed to support the professional development of early career psychologists committed to community research and action.  It is also an explicit commitment to develop future leaders for SCRA. The program seeks to cultivate a diverse group of SCRA leaders by providing opportunities for mentoring and leadership experience in SCRA. While the LDF program will have benefits for the Fellows and SCRA as an organization, we expect that Fellows will also serve as leaders in community, organizational, professional and academic settings over their careers. 

Fellows selected for the two-year program will participate in individual and group mentoring, observe and participate in SCRA activities, complete a year-long Fellows’ project, and present their experiences at a SCRA conference.  Three fellows will be selected for each LDF cohort. Reflecting the values of SCRA, priority in selecting fellows will be given to cultivating more leaders from under represented racial, ethnic, and cultural groups.  Similarly, the program will seek to promote leadership for early career community psychologists from a range of work settings to promote diversity of leadership from different career paths. As described in the attached file, the program will include professional and personal mentorship, personal projects supporting SCRA, participation in EC meetings, paid travel to represent SCRA.  For the initial program, the LDF Co-Chairs will be Gina Hijjawi and Bret Kloos.

LDF Eligibility

For 2015, applicants must be SCRA members who have completed their doctoral degree by August 31, 2014.  Preference will be given to applicants who have some prior leadership experience in local contexts (e.g., within their graduate program) but who have not had leadership experience at the national level within psychology (e.g., held formal leadership positions in APA or other national psychological associations or served in any capacity on the SCRA Executive Committee).  Individuals who have had limited opportunities to become more involved in leadership roles within SCRA and other organizations are strongly encouraged to apply (e.g., current mentors are not involved in SCRA, underrepresented professional interests or personal backgrounds).

Applications should include (a) the required cover sheet (see the attached file), (b) a brief version of the applicant’s CV (no more than 3 pages, please include a section detailing prior leadership experience and the names of 2 professional references), (c) a short statement (i.e., no more than 1500 words) describing the reasons for applying, the desired outcome for the applicant, and the reason for interest in the Fellows program, how you would like to participate in SCRA leadership, and (d) one letter of reference from an individual familiar with your professional work and past leadership experiences.  

Please send electronic applications by July 13, 2015, to the SCRA Administrative Director (Victoria Scott): vscott@scra27.org. Adobe Acrobat’s Portable Document Format (*.pdf) is preferred and Microsoft Word format (*.doc, *docx) is acceptable.

Both Gina and Bret will be at the SCRA biennial and encourage people to ask us about the LDF program.  On Friday, June 26 at 8am, Gina and Bret will be at tables of 50 Warren next to the lobby of UML.  You can also contact us by email (ghijjawi@air.org or kloos@sc.edu).