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SCRA Executive Committee



John Moritsugu, Pacific Lutheran University

The president is elected to a three year term, one as president-elect, one as president, and one as past president. The division follows a collaborative, and collectivist leadership style.  The president's role is then to facilitate the implementation of this style.  There is a list of specific ways in which this occurs at the operational level.  Beyond these roles, leadership helps the community deal with strategic level questions and the search for visionary answers. 

Past President


Bret Kloos, University of South Carolina

I am an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of South Carolina.  My work focuses on promoting participation in community life for persons with mental health problems, social ecology of housing and neighborhood, and working with community-based groups to address homelessness. As SCRA Past President, I consult with the President, President-Elect and Administrative Director on SCRA operations.  I chair the Fellows and Nominating Committees. This year, I am also co-chairing the Leadership Fellows Development Initiative with Gina Hijjawi.

President Elect


Susan McMahon, DePaul University

I am delighted to be serving as President-Elect in SCRA and on the Strategic Planning Task Force.  Previous leadership roles within SCRA have included Chair and member of the Council of Education Programs, Regional Network Coordinator, and Midwest Regional Coordinator.  At DePaul, I am a Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department, and my research focuses on school-based intervention and evaluation.



Stephanie Reich, University of California, Irvine

As Secretary, I help with the communication and record keeping of SCRA. I work closely with the President, Treasurer and Administrative Director and am the liaison between the Executive Committee, Interest Groups, Committees, Councils, and general members. I help maintain internal records, keep policies and procedures up-to-date, and oversee the nomination and election process of officers of the Executive Committee. My role is to support SCRA members and encourage their involvement, so please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.



Jim Emshoff, Georgia State University

As Treasurer, I help to structure and have primary responsibility for administering the budget and finances for SCRA. This includes tracking and accounting for all expenses and revenues and reporting these data to the Executive Committee and SCRA membership. SCRA also holds significant financial assets and I monitor the investments we have made through our financial advisory company and help guide the investment strategy.

Representative to Council

Dina Birman

Dina Birman, University of Miami

As member of the Council of Representatives of the American Psychological Association, I represent Division 27 and SCRA within APA. The Council of Representatives is the legislative body of APA and has full power and authority over the affairs and funds of the association, including APA boards, committees, divisions and affiliated organizations. Council is composed of representatives of divisions, representatives of state, provincial and territorial psychological associations (SPTAs) and the members of the Board of Directors. As your representatives I participate in APA Council meetings twice a year, vote on matters before the APA, and promote and support initiatives of interest to SCRA. I also participate in the group “Divisions for Social Justice,” and several social justice-oriented caucuses. I welcome your emails with any questions or suggestions about how I can better serve the division in this role.

Members at Large


Tiffany Jimenez (APA)

There are three Member at Large (MAL) positions on the SCRA EC. I am the designated MAL responsible for developing the Division 27 Program for the APA Convention, as well as supporting the work of the SCRA Professional Development Committee. In developing the APA program I work closely with the Awards and Membership MALs to ensure we coordinate the award addresses. I also work with our President to coordinate cross-division collaborative sessions for the convention so please reach out to me and share any interest you may have in working with other Divisions. Please also contact me if you have interest in participating in the Professional Development Committee.


Anne Brodsky

Anne Brodsky (Membership & Awards), University of Maryland, Baltimore County

I am one of the three Members-At-Large on the SCRA Executive Committee, and my responsibilities are for activities related to membership and awards.  On the membership side I work closely with Victoria, SCRA’s AD and representatives from the organization that helps us professionally manage member data bases, etc. on initiatives and outreach that will enhance and increase SCRA membership.  On the awards side I also work with Victoria to manage the nominations, committee creation and review work, vetting, announcing, and presentation of the SCRA awards.  I am also a member of the SCRA Strategic Planning work group and their I'm working most closely with Chris Keys on growing and enhancing the experience of our members. 


Chiara Sabina, Penn State - Harrisburg

I serve as a Member at Large and work to develop Division 27 programing for APA Conventions.  In doing so, I work with the other MALs, the SCRA Professional Development Committee, and the other members of the Executive Committee.  We are striving to develop an excellent program that highlights the many accomplishments of our Division. 

National Student Representatives 

Meagan Sweeny

Megan Sweeny, George Washington University

As the National Student Representative, I advocate for the needs of the student members of SCRA. Along with the Senior NSR, Chuck Sepers, I manage student research and travel grants, and edit student submissions to The Community Psychologist. I am interested in using social media for further engagement. I would love to hear ideas for better ways to serve SCRA’s student members. Feel free to email me at any time.



Sarah Callahan, DePaul University

I am thrilled to serve as SCRA National Student Representative. I edit student submissions to The Community Psychologist, as well as manage student research and travel grants with Megan Sweeney. I hope to work to increase diversity in the SCRA student body, as well as spark discussions about how SCRA can work to remove barriers to higher education for marginalized groups. I welcome any ideas and suggestions from fellow student members.

Regional Network Coordinator


Regina Langhout, University of California at Santa Cruz

The National Regional Coordinator is an elected position that has a three-year term. I provide support to the US regions and international liaisons, and edit the regional column for The Community Psychologist. I also represent the regional perspectives to the Executive Committee. Please reach out to me if you are interested in getting more involved in activities in your region, or planning activities for your region.

Ex-Officio Members


Editor of The American Journal of Community Psychology, Jacob Kraemer Tebes, Yale University

As Editor of the American Journal of Community Psychology (AJCP), I oversee journal editorial operations on behalf of SCRA, the owner of the journal. This includes management of journal operations with the support of the AJCP Editorial Assistant and Editorial Board. Most of my time is spent communicating with authors about manuscript submissions and with reviewers about their service to the journal. I also report on journal operations to the SCRA Executive Committee and to the Publications Committee, and work with the publisher to troubleshoot various issues. Finally, I communicate regularly with prospective authors and SCRA members through email and conference presentations in order to make AJCP operations more transparent and accessible, and to encourage greater involvement in AJCP as authors or reviewers.


1-Gregor-Sarkisian1_1.jpg       SylviaTaylor.jpg

Editors of The Community Psychologist, Gregor Sarkisian and Sylvie Taylor, Antioch University 

The Community Psychologist is the national newsletter for the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA). The TCP includes columns, articles, features, letters to the Editor, and announcements relevant to the membership of SCRA. As co-editors, our primary responsibility is to produce four issues of The Community Psychologist (TCP) each year. For each issue, we engage in regular correspondence with the production editor, TCP column editors, contributors from the SCRA membership, and contributors from other disciplines. We also serve as members of the SCRA Executive Committee and the Publications Committee.



Chair of the SCRA Council of Education Programs, Brian ChristensUniversity of Wisconsin–Madison

As chair of the Council of Education Programs (CEP), I coordinate the activities of the CEP. The mission of the CEP is to support and advocate excellence in education in community research and action at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. We accomplish this through information gathering and exchange, targeted support of new and existing programs, recognition of excellence among educators and programs, and efforts to enhance awareness of community research and action, SCRA, and education and training in the field. The CEP also maintains the education-focused portion of the SCRA website, providing links to community-focused undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate training programs, as well as to educational materials.



Chair of the Publications Committee, Meg Bond, University of Massachusetts Lowell

The mission of the SCRA Publications Committee is to identify, encourage, implement, and oversee effective ways of disseminating information about community research and action. Our committee works closely with the editors of all of SCRA’s publications, including our TCP newsletter, the SCRA book series published by Oxford University Press, and the American Journal of Community Psychology.


Representative from the Community Psychology Practice Council, Olya Belyaev-Glantsman

As a Community Psychology Practice Council (CPPC) Representative to the Executive Committee (EC), I work as a voting member and a liaison between the Practice Council and the EC. CPPC’s mission is to expand the visibility, reach and impact of community psychology practice through opportunities for connection, support and professional development through the Society for Community Research and Action, academic community research and action graduate programs, other professional organizations and communities. Our goals are to (1) Improve graduate education for Community Psychology Practice, (2) Enhance the visibility of Community Psychology Practice within the field by increasing number of publications and conference presentations focused on Community Psychology Practice and related issues, (3) Engage in outreach efforts to those outside of SCRA, including members of allied fields, members of other divisions of APA, and the general public, (4) Support the career development of Practitioners and the market for Community Psychology Practitioners, (5) Positively impact the communities we live and work in through the use of Community Psychology principles, (6) Advocate for increased support for community psychology practice within Division 27. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the Practice Council or on how to get involved.

Administrative Director

Victoria Scott

Victoria Scott vscott@scra27.org

As Administrative Director, I work closely with our association management team and the Executive Committee to oversee the operations and strategic priorities of SCRA. I also have the pleasure of working with an array of SCRA’s members and other professional organizations to fulfill our vision for enhancing well-being and promoting social justice. Given that we are a 99% volunteer-run organization, I rely heavily on members (such as you!) to help make SCRA the best membership organization that it can be. Please reach out to me and share your interests, ideas, suggestions, and experiences.

SCRA Management Staff


Taylor Scott taylorb.scott@27.org 

AMC Source scrainfo@scra27.org

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